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"As a bass player, one of my most important considerations is the tone of my bass. I must have a wonderful tone as well as good time and weight. "It's all in the fingers" is a very true statement, but there is a little more to it than that. I am a classically trained bassist, and enjoy the use of the low B in the symphony orchestra, but in other styles of music, the search for ‘bottom end’ has resulted in a move towards multiple strings on electric basses. I have tried many different and wonderful instruments in the last few years, but I have gone back to four strings because I personally find the tone of a four string to be of superior quality and weight. I am convinced by the sound of the four string bass, both electric and upright. However, and most importantly, if it hadn't been for Hipshot bass extenders, I would not be able to compete on record and gigs down past 40Hz. The discovery of the wonderful world of Hipshot extenders has returned me to a level playing field. I use Hipshot extenders on all my electric instruments, when playing bass in my daughters band, on gigs and on many sessions with my ‘'79 and '80 Musicman fretted and fretless basses, my '72 Precision, my '62 Jazz and a lovely Martin Acoustic bass. Hipshot extenders are a wonderful invention; I am delighted with them because they are well designed, well engineered and very reliable. I heartily recommend Hipshot bass extenders to all my fellow Tone Chasers." Dave Markee. [Armatrading, Clapton, etc etc]

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