Wild Bill Davison."Lady of the Evening".Doublebass.1968.
Centipede."Septober Energy". Doublebass.1971.
Ray Dorset."Cold Blue Excursion".Electric Bass.1972.
Alan Price."O Lucky Man".Doublebass/Electric Bass.1973.
Tir Na Nog."Strong In The Sun".Electric Bass.1973.
Alan Cohen."Black, Brown and Beige".Double Bass.1973
Dave Greenslade. "Cactus Choir" Electric Basses. 1973
Alan Price."Between Today & Yesterday".Doublebass/Bass Guitar.1974.
Alan Price."Metropolitan Man".Electric Bass.1974.
Alan Cohen. "Black Brown & Beige". Double Bass. 1974
Leo Sayer."Just A Boy".Electric Bass.1974.
Maynard Ferguson."MF Horn 3".Doublebass/Electric Bass.1974.
Lynsey De Paul."Taste Me".Doublebass.1974.
Henry Mancini."Return of the Pink Panther". Doublebass/electric bass.1975
Leo Sayer."Another Year".Electric Bass.1975.
Phil Woods."Floresta Canto".Doublebass/Electric Bass.1975.
Catherine Howe."Harry".Electric Bass.1975.
Bing Crosby. "At My Time of Life". Doublebass. 1976
Bing Crosby. "Feel's Good, Feel's Right". Doublebass. 1976
Russ Ballard."Winning".Electric Bass.1976.
Joan Armatrading."Joan Armatrading".Doublebass/Electric Bass.1976.
Cleo Laine."Born On A Friday".Doublebass/Electric Bass.1976.
Cleo Laine."Best Friends".Doublebass/Electric Bass. 1976.
Henry Mancini."Pink Panther Strikes Again".Doublebass/Electric bass. 1976.
Elliott Murphy."Just A Story From America".Electric Bass.1977.
Phil Cordell."Born Again".Electric Bass/Vocals.1977.
Graham Bonnet."Graham Bonnet".Electric Bass.1977.
Chris DeBurgh."At The End Of A Perfect Day".Electric Bass/Vocals.1977
Hudson Ford."Daylight".Electric Bass.1977
Wales-O'Regan."Ready To Run".Electric Bass.1977
Joan Armatrading. "Show Some Emotion".Doublebass/Electric Bass.1977.
Lou Hayles."Don't Hide Away".Electric Bass.1977
Dave Greenslade Tour
Pete Townshend /Ronnie Lane."Rough Mix".Doublebass.1977
Bardot. "Rockin In Rhythm".Electric Bass.1978
Andy Bown."Good Advice".Electric Bass.1978
Joe Breen."More Than Meets The Eye".Electric Bass. 1978
Chanter Sisters."Shoulder To Shoulder".Electric Bass.1978.
Andy Desmond."Andy Desmond".Electric Bass.1978
Magna Carta."Prisoners On The Line".Electric Bass.1978
Craig Nuttycombe."Its Just A Lifetime".Electric Bass.1978
Henry Mancini."Revenge of the Pink Panther".Double Bass/Electric Bass.1978.
Chris Rainbow."Looking Over My Shoulder".Electric Bass.1978
Joan Armatrading."To The Limit".Electric Bass.1978
Chris Rea."Whatever Happened To Benny Santini?" Electric Bass.1978
Waylon Jennings, Jessie Coulter, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Eric Clapton, Bernie Leadon, Pete Townshend, "White Mansions". Doublebass/Electric Bass.1978
Joe Egan."Out Of Nowhere".Electric Bass.1979
Bryn Haworth."Keep The Ball Rolling".Doublebass/Electric Bass.1979
Laurie Holloway."Cumulus".Doublebass/Electric Bass.1979
Lazy Racer."Lazy Racer".Electric Bass.1979
Bonnie Tyler."Diamond Cut".Electric Bass.1979
Waldorf & Travers."Night Blindness".Electric Bass.1979
Roger Chapman."Chappo".Electric Bass.1979
Roger Daltrey."McVicar".Electric Bass.1980
Frank Zappa. "Dead Girls Of London". Electric Bass. 1980
Bryn Haworth."The Gap". Electric Bass.1980
Eric Clapton."Just One Night".Electric Bass.1980
Eric Clapton."Another Ticket". Electric Bass.1980
Gary Brooker."Lead Me To The Water".Electric Bass. 1981
Steve Warley."Steve Warley".Electric Bass.1982
Climax Blues Band."Sample & Hold".Electric Bass.1983
Bryn Haworth."Pass It On".Electric Bass.1983
Bryn Haworth."Wings Of The Morning".Electric Bass.1983
Eric Clapton."Backtrackin". Electric Bass. 1984.
Valeri Baranov."The Trumpet Call". Doublebass. Electric Bass. 1984
Eric Clapton."Time Pieces:Live In The '70s". Doublebass/ElectricBass. 1985.
Eric Clapton."Crossroads".Electric Bass.1988
Elliott Murphy."Diamonds By The Yard".Electric Bass.1992
Eric Clapton."Crossroads2: Live In The '70s". Electric Bass.1996
Leo Sayer."Show Must Go On:Anthlogy".Electric Bass.1996
Various Artists."McVicar(OST)"Electric Bass.1996
TACF."Winds of Worship". Electric Bass. 1996
Roger Daltrey."Roger". Electric Bass.1997
Kymaera."Music of George Michael".Doublebass/Electric Bass.1998
Various Artists."Ballads For Trumpet".Doublebass.1998
Landon Spradlin. "No More Blue Mondays". Electric Bass.1998.
Kymaera."Rio Moods".Doublebass/Electric Bass.1998
Wild Bill Davison."Struttin' With Some Barbecue".Doublebass.1998
Kymaera."Careless Whispers".Electric Bass.1999
Eric Clapton."Blues".Electric Bass.1999
White Mansions."Legend Of Jesse James".Electric Bass/Vocals.1999
Unsigned."11 of South Fla's Unsigned".Electric Bass.1999
Kymaera."Into the Rainbow".Doublebass/Electric Bass.2000
Kymaera."California Dreamin".Doublebass/Electric Bass.2003
Jessi Markee. "Seasons". Double Bass. 2006
Tony Faulkner Jazz Orchestra. "Thad Jones and the Ellington Effect".Double Bass.2006
Matt Andersen. "In Between Dreams". Electric Bass.2008
Jessi Markee. "Album - untitled" Electric & Dbl Bass. 2009
John De Jong. "Without Walls" Electric & Dbl Bass. 2009
Elisabeth Bourbouze. "Album - untitled" Electric Bass. 2010

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